Instant one-to-many communications for your school.
Reach the right people in one call - anytime, anywhere.

Send a Broadcast Message
In one call, record and instantly & simultaneously relay a voice message to groups of people at multiple phone numbers, e-mail and text (SMS) messages.

Initiate an Instant Conference
In one call, initiate an on-the-spot or scheduled conference call. Simply record and send an invitation, then stay on the line as others join your conference.

One Touch Alerts
Easily configured for one-touch urgent alerts on employee cell phones. Allows individuals to simultaneously contact security and administration and to coordinate instantly in a crisis.

Boma SP - School Protection System

Special Features for Schools
  • Hostile intruder alert feature allows silent activation that identifies the sender and requests help even if the sender can't speak.
  • Multiple log-ins allow key employees to message various lists of teachers, staff or parents.
  • Scalable solution allows multiple groups and expandable call lists and SMS/email messages can be customized to send notices to larger groups.
  • In-classroom accounts can be programmed to alert the office, security and/or nearby classroom teachers.
  • Teacher accounts can be used to broadcast information to parents.

Powerful Technology

Boma SP is based on patent-pending technology that makes it simple, fast and easy to connect with groups in one call.
  • Always Available. 24/7 calling and account access.
  • Turnkey Solutions. Simple to set up and use. Works with any phone/any service carrier. No hardware to buy or software to install.
  • Reliable and Secure. Proven technology, secure systems and strict privacy policy you can trust.

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Typical Uses
  • Security - broadcast lockdown or fire emergency instructions to teachers without alerting assailants or panicking kids.
  • Facility closures - broadcast messages to staff at work, home and cell to notify them of facility closures, weather delays, or urgent situations.
  • Quick response - use instant conference calls to coordinate actions among crisis teams throughout campus.
  • Panic button - provide teachers and staff with instant one touch access to administrators and security from their cell phones.

Broadcast a message
  • "Lockdown in progress, secure your classrooms and await an update in 3 minutes."
  • "Late start due to snow today. Teachers please report at 10, students at noon."

Conference instantly
  • Teacher alerts office and security staff simultaneously: "This is Mrs. Lopez in 402. I need urgent help on a medical situation with a student."
  • Principal calls department heads: "This is Mrs. Alejo. We need to coordinate a press response to the incident from today." [Press 2 to join this conference.]