Case Studies and Testimonials


Customer:  The John F. Kennedy School in Modesto, California serves 72 severely handicapped students from kindergarten through age 22.

Challenge:  School Principal Ken Daniel & the county office of education sought an effective and affordable system for emergency communications that was affordable and easy to implement.

Solution:  Boma School Safety Kit


One-touch silent alerts.  Allows individuals to simultaneously contact administrative and security personnel and to instantly coordinate in a crisis.

Send a broadcast message.
  In one call, school administrators can instantly relay a voice message to groups of people at multiple phone numbers and by e-mail and text (SMS) messages simultaneously. 

Initiate an instant conference for 2-way communication.  Coordinate assistance and share essential information.

Affordable and easy to implement and maintain.  No training required.  Nothing to download or install.

No new equipment required.  Works on your existing phones with no new expenditures.

“With Push 5, it is incredibly easy and fast to alert all our teachers and staff in an emergency.  People just assume nothing will happen.  I think it’s important to be prepared.”
Ken Daniel
Principal, John F. Kennedy School
Modesto, Calif.

BOMA Provides John F. Kennedy School with Enhanced Security in Lockdown Emergency

School administrators are responsible for ensuring adequate emergency communications and procedures are in place.  The John F. Kennedy (JFK) School, like many schools, relied upon an antiquated classroom communication system for emergency communications.  
Recent lockdowns at nearby schools led Principal Ken Daniel and the Stanislaus County Office of Education to seek a better solution for emergency communications.  The JFK School sought a reliable and effective way to alert and communicate with staff in an emergency.  Cost, complexity, set-up, and administrative and training requirements were also important considerations.
Boma Systems Solution
The JFK School installed Push 5 on March 22, 2007.  The total system set up was completed in less than an hour.  School administrators were impressed by the system’s ease of use, low cost and capabilities.  In one call, school administrators can issue a silent alert, send a broadcast message, and initiate an instant conference call.  
School Lockdown Leads to Real-Life Push 5 Alert
Less than one week after setting up Push 5, a police chase in the area led to the first lockdown in school history.  Principal Daniel initiated a Boma Urgent Alert to all staff with one touch on his cell phone, advising them to bring all students inside, secure the classrooms, and await further instructions.  Lockdown instructions were also broadcast via a Public Address (PA) system to all classrooms.  Staff who were off school grounds received the Push 5 message and immediately knew of the lockdown back at school, as did staff in the lunchroom who were not able to hear the PA announcement at school.  Within an hour, the police arrested the fugitive from his hiding spot in a nearby house, and the school lockdown was over without incident.
"Push 5 worked perfectly,” Daniel says.  “A lockdown can be confusing, frightening and dangerous.  The system worked beautifully for us.  Ultimately, we just want to keep the kids safe.  It's a huge responsibility for the teacher to have those students in the classroom, and we need to support them the best we can."
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“Our schools should be a safe place for our children.  That’s why every school should have the BOMA School Safety Alert Kit.”

Michael Daniels, President, De Marillac Academy

“Today, parents have safety for their children as their primary concern.  BOMA enables us to provide that level of safety that parents really expect from a school.  I’m so thankful that BOMA was in place when we needed it.”
Bob Vizzolini, Principal, Valley Charter High School

“BOMA allows you that two-way communication where your staff can be your eyes and ears and notify the office of potential situations long before the police are even aware.  I used Boma and announced we were going into a lockdown.  I literally closed the lid on my cell phone and could see the teachers taking the kids inside.  It was amazing at how fast everyone took action and how fast students were taken to secure areas.”
Ken Daniel, Principal, John F. Kennedy School

“The BOMA system has improved our ability to communicate with all staff in the event of an urgent or emergency situation.  As a principal I have long been concerned about our ability to immediately and effectively communicate with staff to ensure our students’ safety.  BOMA has provided the tools for us to address this concern.  It has also led to greater staff confidence in our emergency procedures.”
Jay Marden, Principal, Carmel River School

“The Elfenworks Foundation is working in harmony with administrators, faculty, and BOMA Systems to help provide all parties with the cell-phone security of the BOMA Push 5 system.  With Push 5 installed, participants can use their cell phones to immediately dial for help when they feel threatened.  With the system, participants can summon help quickly and quietly in a panic situation.”
Dr. Lauren Speeth, C.E.O., Elfenworks Foundation

“Experts like me agree, the Boma School Safety Alert Kit is the perfect solution for campus safety.”
Jim Weidner, President, California Society of Safety and Security Professionals

“In any crisis, information must move quickly from any breach point to decision-makers, and then from the decision makers to the entire staff.  The Boma School Safety Alert Kit does exactly that.”
Robert Rodriguez, Threat Assessment Consultant, Former Secret Service Agent, & Boma Advisory Committee Member